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USPTO in Silicon Valley

On Tuesday, 14 October 2014, I attended a panel discussion and reception / networking event for Intellectual Property (IP) professionals at Santa Clara University. The panel featured the following speakers: John Cabeca, United States Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO); Dan…

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End-of-Summer 2014 Newsletter

Kinetic River Expands Operations and Advisory Board Kinetic River has carried the momentum forward following our New Instruments Session and reception that has grown by 200% over the previous year at CYTO 2014. We are building on the progress we shared with you…

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CYTO 2014 Preview

Hard to believe it’s already May. The activity at Kinetic River has been intense this winter and spring, with new product launches, articles in technical journals and trade magazines , and a variety of speaking engagements—not to mention expansion into new office and laboratory quarters…

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Power to the Designers!

This past March 20th I was invited to give a seminar at the Northern California Section of the Optical Society of America, held at PARC. Titled Advances in Optical Design, the talk focused on the emerging paradigm of parametric design. Fig. 1. Parametric design…

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Introducing the Danube II

Fluorescence Lifetime Flow Cytometer In cell biology and cancer research, there is often the need to measure cellular processes, protein function, protein-protein interactions, or molecular transport with subcellular resolution. Fluorescence lifetime is a powerful tool that can provide this information.…

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