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The Arno Demonstrates True 12-Color Compensation-Free Flow Cytometry

The Arno Demonstrates True 12-Color Compensation-Free Flow Cytometry

Here are some results from a 12-color compensation-free experiment using only 2 lasers. This is a screenshot of 82,000 events collected and analyzed in real time. Note that pairs of spectrally overlapping fluorophores are used in a single 12-color experiment.

This works because we’ve developed a fundamentally different technology, Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry (TRFC), that allows us to characterize fluorophores not just in terms of their spectral emissions but also their fluorescence lifetime. This creates a whole new dimension of measurement that we use for, among other things, multiplexing and automated autofluorescence rejection. No compensation or spectral unmixing needed!

And best of all, it requires no additional analysis or changes to your standard workflow (other than eliminating the need for compensation controls).

View the video of the experiment running live →

Find out more in our TRFC brochure →

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