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50:21 minute audio
From the Immigrant Entrepreneur podcast, by Alina Warrick

Interview with Dr. Giacomo Vacca: Enabling Cutting-Edge BioMed Research

30:56 minute video

Introducing the Potomac

0:53 second video

Excitation Arm

0:39 second video

Flowcell Monitoring Microscope

0:31 second video

Detection Arm

0:34 second video

Sheath & Waste Tanks

0:33 second video

Shasta Fluidics Control Module

0:41 second video

Turning on Lasers, PMTs, Setting Gains

0:36 second video

Loading Samples, Boosting, Washing

0:38 second video

Laser Fine Alignment

0:31 second video

Running Blank Beads

0:42 second video

Running 6-Peak Beads

0:42 second video

KRC Webinar – June 10, 2020 – Latest Innovations in Flow Cytometry from Kinetic River

54:44 minute webinar

KRC Webinar – May 19, 2020 – Squeezing More out of Light: Innovative Approaches to Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry

1:00:04 minute webinar

KRC Webinar – May 14, 2020 – Advances in Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry

1:24:37 minute webinar

KRC Webinar – May 13, 2020 – Advances in Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry

40:21 minute webinar

IEEE-CNSV Panel Discussion on CA AB-5
(Some) Steps to Forming a Company

13:40 minute webinar

Making a Flow Cytometer

At Kinetic River, we design and build custom flow cytometers—laboratory instruments used to analyze blood cells. This video shows a collaboration project in which we conceived, assembled, and delivered a modular flow cytometer from scratch, in less than eight weeks.

1:37 minute video

Making Every Drop Count in Biomedical Analysis

CNSV member Dr. Giacomo Vacca will review a range of multiplexing principles used in biomedical applications, particularly blood analysis.

1:14:24 minute video

Interactive System Design

Designing complex systems is… complex. At Kinetic River, one way we make it simpler is by using powerful tools that we have developed ourselves. This guided tour of Live Ideas, our proprietary optical system design tool, shows how you can flip easily between the 30,000-foot view and the nitty-gritty—and keep the overall design goals firmly in view.

5:03 minute video

Introduction to BeamWise

BeamWise is a software tool for designing complex optical systems. This short video shows how it works and what it is capable of.

2:17 minute video

Designing Complex Optical Systems with BeamWise

At Kinetic River we use the BeamWise software to design flow cytometers and other complex optical systems. Here we show a practical demonstration of this with a working modular flow cytometer, along with two additional design variations.

2:07 minute video

Beam Genie Demo

Beam Genie is a laser beam stabilizer. This demo shows the dramatic difference in the stability of laser beam pointing with and without Beam Genie.

52 second video

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