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Freedom Flow™: Arno

The Arno Compensation-Free Flow Cytometer

Hate compensation? So do we! The Arno does away completely with compensation and spectral unmixing.

The Arno analyzer is capable of providing 12-color, compensation-free flow cytometry using only 2 lasers and 6 detectors. Powered by Kinetic River’s TRFC technology, the Arno uses fluorescence decay, behind the scenes, as a means to distinguish two fluorophores.

Results from a 12-marker assay on commercial mononuclear cells performed on the Arno using only two lasers (405 and 488 nm) and six fluorescence detectors. None of the measured parameters needed to be compensated for spectral spillover. Each detector collected emissions from two markers; the detected emissions were then separated by fluorescence lifetime using proprietary algorithms. Boxes and red arrows indicate the gating procedure for isolating cell subpopulations.

Break free from compensation with the Arno.


Excitation Optics

Standard laser:

  • 405 nm (300 mW)
  • 488 nm (250 mW)

All sources pulsed at repetition rates 10 – 100 MHz

Emission Optics 

Scattering channels:

  • FSC: 2 – 10°
  • SSC1 (405 nm): 90°, 1.25 NA
  • SSC2 (488 nm): 90°, 1.25 NA

Fluorescence channels:

  • 405 laser:
    • two simultaneous* fluors in FL1 (441/38): e.g., BV421, eF450
    • two simultaneous* fluors in FL3 (593/46): e.g., BV605, SBV610
    • two simultaneous* fluors in FL5 (720/40): e.g., BV711, QD705
  • 488 laser:
    • two simultaneous* fluors in FL2 (517/28): e.g., AF488, QD525
    • two simultaneous* fluors in FL4 (670/50): e.g., PE/Cy5, PerCP
    • two simultaneous* fluors in FL6 (785/62): e.g., PE/Cy7, QD800

* The two fluors in each pair are discriminated in real time by our proprietary Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry technology


Shasta dual hydrostatic pressure control:

  • 8-L sheath capacity
  • Sample injection rate variable from 0.2 to 10 µL/min

Cavour always-on flowcell monitoring module:

  • Video continuously streaming on dedicated monitor
  • Field of View: approx. 400 µm x 600 µm
  • Capture spectrum: 400–800 nm
  • 405- and 488-nm blocking filters available


Compensation-Free Operation

  • Spectral spillover ≤ 5% (typ. ≤ 2%) on all channels when used with specified fluors
  • No compensation controls or protocols required

Sensitivity (488-nm excitation, 517/28-nm channel):

  • FITC ≤ 200 MESF (typ.)
  • 7/8 Spherotech Rainbow bead peaks
  • CV 4% (typ.)


  • 1,000+ events/s

Signal Processing

Data formatting:

  • FCS 3.0 files
  • CSV files
  • Raw data export available

Installation Requirements 


  • 36” x 26” x 24” (W x D x H)*
  • 175 lbs.*
    *excludes monitors, sheath and waste tanks


  • 15°–30°C, 60% RH


  • North America: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5A
  • Japan: 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5A
  • Rest of world: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3A

† For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic use. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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