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Kinetic River’s Potomac is a unique flow cytometer. We specifically requested a violet/UV excitation configuration, not available anywhere else, to meet our needs to use short wavelengths both to generate autofluorescence and to detect nanoparticles with high sensitivity for biomedical applications. The instrument is very sensitive and easy to use, and furthermore provides the user with great flexibility, such as the possibility to access to raw waveform data.


Dr. Romeo Bernini
Research Director, IREA-CNR
National Research Council, Naples, Itlay

I’ve been working with Dr. Vacca on developing new ideas for fluorescence lifetime. I believe our new cytometry system has a great potential to move forward and without his exceptional work in development it would simply not be possible. If you ever need assistance I would highly recommend looking into Kinetic River.


Prof. Jessica Houston
New Mexico State University Chemical Engineering Dept.

“Dr. Vacca is a very good and engaging speaker. He maintained a positive energy and pace throughout, which kept the audience engaged. The mixed media use was excellent.”

“Content, style, timing, everything very well done. Thanks for the very good seminar.”

“Very well presented, documented, and deep knowledge in the subject. I have now a much better understanding on flow cytometry and look forward to using it with potential customers.”

“Good atmosphere, interactive sessions very good, ambitious presentation.”

“I now feel I have a much deeper knowledge about the flow cytometry (and adjacent) markets (the players and what’s on their minds, what drives them, etc.) that puts me in a position to conduct discussions with decision makers (and engineers) on eye level.”

“I certainly found it very informative and it has already proven useful to have the applications knowledge in customer discussions.”


Various Attendees (Manager- and Director-Level)
Major Photonics OEM

Kinetic River provided us a timely and thorough evaluation of a licensing opportunity.

Dr. Vacca was a perfect fit to our needs: expertise in biomedical optics, keen analytical skills for patentability and freedom-to-operate assessments, and a knack for communicating complex information in a clear and relevant manner.

The discussions, presentations, and reports were particularly valuable in our decision on how best to proceed on the licensing opportunity. I was entirely satisfied with Dr. Vacca’s professionalism, responsiveness, and level of expertise.


K. W.
Director, R&D

Partnering with Kinetic River for this particular project is the ideal demonstration of this concept based on our combined track record in developing cutting-edge biophotonic systems.


Michael Ersoni
Excelitas Technologies EVP, Commercial Strategic Business Unit

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