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Biomedical Research Scientist—KRC412g

Biomedical Research Scientist—KRC412g

Job Info

Job ID: KRC412g
Job Title: Biomedical Research Scientist
Company: Kinetic River Corp.
Location: Mountain View, Calif., USA
Job Type: Full-Time
Status: Active

Job Description

The Biomedical Research Scientist will work with and report to the CEO. The purpose of the position is to design, run, and analyze data from flow cytometry experiments in support of the Company’s flow cytometer products and for research and development in advanced flow cytometry technologies. The main functions of the job concern production and research and development activities, including but not limited to:

  • preparing cell samples for analysis:
    • thaw/refreeze, stain, fix, dilute/concentrate, titrate
  • designing flow cytometry assays (including control strategies) with up to 20 markers
  • running samples and control materials on commercial flow cytometers and our prototype analyzers:
    • properly setting stain levels (running titrations) and detector gains (running voltrations)
    • properly setting flow parameters (particle concentrations, sample stream dimensions, flow rates)
  • analyzing cell and microsphere data with 20+ parameters using FCS Express and our own proprietary software
  • maintaining and troubleshooting in-house analyzers:
    • mixing/filling sheath fluid, emptying waste, cleaning flowcell regularly, handling bubbles and clogs
    • aligning laser beams to sample stream, aligning detectors
  • maintaining stock and updating various laboratory inventories (samples, controls, chemicals, components)
  • executing experimental and production tests
  • documenting test findings and procedures
  • communicating findings through peer-reviewed articles, posters, whitepapers, and conference talks

The successful candidate will be a quick learner, self-starter, motivated individual with at least 5 years’ experience running cell assays on flow cytometers and with a track record of peer-reviewed publications. The position will provide the candidate with a unique opportunity to have a direct impact on an innovative company, with 15 issued patents, dedicated to advancing biomedical research.


  • (REQUIRED) 5+ years’ experience in flow cytometry or hematology
  • (REQUIRED) MA/MS or equivalent in biology, biochemistry, or similar fields
  • (REQUIRED) permanent authorization to work in the United States
  • (REQUIRED) excellent written communication skills
  • (REQUIRED) 2+ years’ experience with FCS Express or FlowJo
  • (desired) proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • (desired) experience with optics (lasers, lenses, mirrors, filters, detectors)


  • paid time off
  • health insurance
  • dental insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan*
  • profit-sharing benefits*
  • stock options*
  • professional development assistance

* eligibility requirements may apply

Contact Details

Contact Name: Ellie Gorina
Contact Email: info at KineticRiver dot com

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