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Meet Our New Sales Rep, Ross Jacobson

Meet Our New Sales Rep, Ross Jacobson

Meet Ross Jacobson, founder of instrument sales company E=hv. Ross is our sales rep throughout most of the Western US for our Delaware Flow NanoCytometer® for ultrasensitive detection of Nanoparticles.

Ross brings over thirty years of research experience in related biological and spectroscopic fields. He has a long history selling instrumentation and products for nanoparticle research to academic and industrial partners, including his role as an independent sales leader for Particle Metrix GmbH.

Expanding his offerings to include the complementary technique of FlowCytometry enables Ross and E=hv to bring a more complete set of solutions to researchers in the field of analysis of Exosomes and ExtracellularVesicles.

Please reach out to Ross at if you want to know more about nanoparticle analysis using flow cytometry.

Find out more about the Delaware here →

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