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Alan Chin, PhD
Principal Scientist

Alan’s expertise is in optical physics and instrumentation, with a focus on ultrafast spectroscopy. His career includes work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, and startups UltraDots and nLiten Energy. At Kinetic River he leads our R&D efforts on Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry, from instrument design to experiment planning and data analysis. Alan received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University.

Rosemary Coates, MBA
Advisor, Reshoring Institute

Rosemary Coates is the President of Blue Silk Consulting and the Executive Director of the non-profit Reshoring Institute. She is an Best Selling author with five books on supply chain and operations management including: “42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China,” and “Legal Blacksmith – How to Avoid and Defend Supply Chain Disputes.”  She has been a management consultant for over 25 years with nearly 80 clients worldwide. Rosemary earned her MBA from University of San Diego and a BS in Business Logistics from Arizona State University.  She teaches a course in Global Supply Chain Strategies and Architectures at UC Berkeley.

Daniel Estoque, BS
System Engineer

Dan is a seasoned product development professional with a proven track record of bringing complex life science systems to market. During his 25-year engineering career, he has led numerous concept-to-production development efforts on a variety of products ranging from in-vitro diagnostic systems to mass-produced consumer products. He spent 9 years at Beckman-Coulter, engineering their flow cytometry and hematology instruments, where he gained valuable hands-on experience with microfluidics, optics and electro-mechanical automation. Dan has been involved with several startup ventures and holds several revenue-generating patents (6 issued, 1 pending). Dan received his BS from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Rich Hanson, MS
R&D Technician

Rich brings to Kinetic River his experience in the design, test, and repair of flow cytometers throughout North America and Europe. During his career, he has participated in a range of innovative projects, such as developing 4K monitor systems for use in medical operating rooms and implementing real-time in-game player performance tracking for the NFL. At Kinetic River he is responsible for all aspects of instrument prototyping. Rich received his MS from Golden Gate University.

Kennan LaneLutter, BS
Laboratory Technician

Kennan has spent over 10 years in the biotech field, including medical devices and diagnostics. He brings experience in rare cell isolation as part of his work contributing to the development of non-invasive prenatal test methods. At Kinetic River, he supports all of our ongoing flow cytometry instrument development projects with sample preparation, assay execution, and data analysis. Kennan received his BS from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Orin Laney, MS
Electronics Architect

Orin Laney has extensive experience in electronics design and signal processing systems. His experience includes ultrasound imaging, video processing, sensors, I/O interfacing, RF
instrumentation, and low-noise analog design. Many projects are interdisciplinary efforts requiring mechanical, acoustic, optical, or other team expertise. Orin is a licensed professional engineer in the State of California and is NARTE certified as an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineer. He has an MSEE from San Jose State University, an MBA from BYU, and a certificate in CNC machining.

Hannu Lehtimäki, MS
Design Software Specialist

Hannu has over 30 years’ experience in development, support, management, and sales of CAD, knowledge-based engineering, product lifecycle management, master data management, and enterprise resource planning. His career includes work at Nokia, Accenture, and three startups as a co-founder around engineering automation and data management. He brings to Kinetic River his deep experience in mechanical and optomechanical design, leveraging the system design software he developed at BeamWise. Hannu received his MS in Engineering (Machine Design) from Helsinki University of Technology.

Richard McKay, PhD
Advisor, Full Spectrum Scientific

Rich McKay is President and founder of Full Spectrum Scientific, a consulting company that delivers customized solutions for clients in the life sciences, helping them gain scientific and commercial traction for their novel technologies. He has worked for companies small and large: from startups developing single-molecule sequencing technologies, to GE Healthcare, where he developed imaging instrumentation for digital pathology and high-throughput cell-based screening. Rich’s PhD work was in G protein mediated signaling in Drosophila and he did his postdoc at NIH where he studied mammalian calcium signaling.

Sean K. Murphy, MS
Advisor, SKMurphy, Inc.

Sean Murphy is CEO of SKMurphy, Inc., a strategic advisory firm based in Silicon Valley that specializes in market creation and new technology product introduction. Prior to SKMurphy, he worked for Cisco Systems, 3Com, and AMD in a variety of engineering management, marketing, and business development roles. Sean holds a BS in Mathematical Sciences and an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University.

Ashley Sloat, PhD
Advisor, Aurora Consulting

Ashley Sloat, Ph.D. is the President and Director of Patent Strategy at Aurora Consulting LLC. She is a USPTO-registered patent practitioner who specializes in the development and management of patent portfolios for startup ventures and emerging growth companies. Previously with Silicon Valley’s Hudak Consulting Group LLC, Ashley started Aurora Consulting LLC at the end of 2016. Aurora serves clients in a variety of technological areas and maintains a focus on startup ventures. She is also the host of Aurora Consulting’s monthly podcast – Patently Strategic – which aims to help narrow the gap between inventors and their understanding of their patent portfolio. Ashley earned her Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in the Biomedical Sciences from the University of Michigan.

Bonnie Sun, BS
Office Administrator

Bonnie has a long history in office administration and operations, having worked for over twenty years in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley for Stanford University, aerospace consulting firm CONTEX Engineering International, and others. She brings to Kinetic River extensive experience in a broad array of skills including coordination and logistics, accounting and reporting support, and all aspects of office administration. Bonnie received her BS from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

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