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Kinetic River Team Arrives In Philly

Kinetic River Team Arrives in Philly

The Kinetic River team has arrived in Philadelphia for CYTO 2022.

We’re busy setting up our booth, where we will be showing off our new Delaware Flow NanoCytometer™ for nanoparticle detection.

We are also introducing our Freedom Flow™ instrument platform that is under development. Freedom Flow is comprised of our compensation-free (Arno), autofluorescence-free (Colorado), and label-free (Tiber) instruments.

You can also stop by to take a look at our Panama Instrument Control and Data Visualization Software, and to see our Shasta Ultrastable Fluidics Control Module, the Cavour Always-On Flowcell Monitoring Module, and the Tuolumne Quad Amplifier Module.

We hope to see you there

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