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Kinetic River Completes NIH Phase I SBIR Project

Kinetic River Completes NIH Phase I SBIR Project

We recently completed an NIH Phase I SBIR project funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

The study successfully demonstrated the removal of the contribution of autofluorescence signal in flow cytometry using our patented and proprietary time-resolved methods.

Further development of this instrument, dubbed the Colorado, will result in the commercialization of a 4-laser, 16-channel instrument with fully automated autofluorescence removal.

A quote from our Founder and President, Dr. Giacomo Vacca, via the press release:

“We are thrilled to have hit all of our milestones. Through a combination of hardware and algorithm development, we have been able to demonstrate the removal of the autofluorescence contribution from a population of exogenously stained eosinophils—a cell type with notoriously high autofluorescence signal. The ability to get cleaner signals from such cells will ultimately lead to higher quality data without altering the end-user workflow. We are grateful to NIGMS and the SBIR program for affording us this opportunity.”

Read the press release and see some of our results →

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