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Kinetic River To Show Tuolumne At CYTO 2022

Kinetic River to Show Tuolumne at CYTO 2022

Kinetic River will be showing off our Tuolumne Quad Amplifier Module for flow cytometry in person at our booth at CYTO 2022.

Kinetic River knows that cutting edge research may not be served by standard offerings. When Bill Telford of the National Cancer Institute wanted an amplifier for his portable, low-cost Make Your Own Cytometer, he came to us. Not only did he incorporate the Tuolumne into his do-it-yourself cytometer, but he also used our Panama software to drive the entire system.

If you are customizing your cytometer or building your own, the Tuolumne quad transimpedance amplifier module provides fixed-gain signal amplification to suit your needs.

Stop by our booth to check out the Tuolumne and put the performance of your flow cytometer in your hands.

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