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February 2023 Newsletter

February 2023 Newsletter

See What We’ve Been Up To Since CYTO 2022

With CYTO 2022 in our rearview mirror and CYTO 2023 in our sights, I want to share with you some of what we’ve been up to since our last newsletter.

One of the most exciting things we’ve been doing is spreading the word on our latest innovation, the Delaware Flow NanoCytometer™. This is our custom designed and developed analyzer for the sensitive detection of sub-micron particles, including extracellular vesicles such as tumor-derived and brain-derived exosomes.

We have also been working on our Freedom Flow™ platform for compensation-free, autofluorescence-free, or label-free flow cytometry. We have been issued four new patents that protect the Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry (TRFC) technology that underlies Freedom Flow.

Finally, we welcomed a new addition to the Kinetic River team.

All the best,

In Case You Missed It

Kinetic River Recently Launched the Delaware Flow NanoCytometer™

Based on our modular Potomac architecture, the Delaware Flow NanoCytometer was designed specifically for the sensitive detection of sub-micron particles. This innovation addresses the growing importance of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in a variety of fields including tumor-derived exosomes and brain-derived exosomes.

We recently demonstrated greater than 50-nm sensitivity with silica nanoparticles on the Delaware.

Check out this brief video on the Delaware

The Delaware – see what you’ve been missing.

Kinetic River Adopts New Tagline

You may have noticed that we have a new tagline underneath our logo: Where Light Meets Life™. We feel that describes the biophotonics work we do here at Kinetic River to a tee. The flowcell, where all the action happens in the flow cytometer, is indeed where laser light and your cell samples intersect.

Kinetic River – Where Light Meets Life.

Kinetic River’s Freedom Flow™ Platform

Kinetic River has introduced our new Freedom Flow platform of instruments. Currently under development, the platform is powered by our proprietary Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry (TRFC) technology. Freedom Flow consists of the Arno, for compensation-free flow cytometry, the Colorado, for autofluorescence-free flow cytometry, and the Tiber, for label-free flow cytometry. Freedom Flow also paves the way toward 40+ color flow cytometry.

View a video of Dr. Giacomo Vacca explaining the TRFC technology.

View the video here →

Download our Freedom Flow brochure here →

Free up your workflow with Freedom Flow.

CYTO 2022 Photo Gallery

We had such a great time at CYTO 2022 and we took LOTS of photos. We have added two photo galleries to our website – one dedicated to the CYTO show and another to our sightseeing around Philadelphia.

View the photo galleries here →

Latest Kinetic River Happenings

Dr. Vacca Speaks at Two Conferences

We were thrilled to be invited to speak at the Optical Sensors and Sensing Congress in Vancouver on July 12. Dr. Vacca gave a talk on our Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry (TRFC) technology. In this talk, entitled “Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry: Adding Another Dimension to High-Throughput Fluorescence Spectroscopy,” he discussed the basics of our TRFC technology.

Dr. Vacca also recently spoke at the BioPhotonics Conference October 26. The talk, entitled “Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry Unlocks Simplified Workflows and Higher Sensitivity,” discussed how TRFC has led to a new suite of technologies that addresses some of the biggest problems in flow cytometry today, including spectral spillover and dealing with autofluorescence.

View the BioPhotonics talk online here →

You can read about TRFC and the applications it enables in an article in Laser Focus World.

Download the article here →

Kinetic River Exhibits at ASIC

Kinetic River exhibited at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Intercellular Communication (ASIC) October 13-15, 2022, in Potomac, Maryland. We were pleased to be able to discuss our new Delaware Flow NanoCytometer™, an ultrasensitive flow cytometry analyzer for detection of nanoparticles such as extracellular vesicles.

It was extremely informative for us, and it was great to talk to the nanoparticle community to understand all the amazing research going on in the field.

If your research requires high sensitivity nanoparticle detection, you need the Delaware.

Find out more about the Delaware here →

Kinetic River Issued Four More US Patents

Kinetic River was recently issued 4 U.S. patents

  • U.S. 11,536,641, “Particle analysis and imaging apparatus and methods.”
  • U.S. 11,536,642, “Particle analysis and imaging apparatus and methods.”
  • U.S. 11,543,339, “Particle analysis and imaging apparatus and methods.”
  • U.S. 11,573,165, “Particle analysis and imaging apparatus and methods.”

These bring our total to 19 patents overall, with 17 in the U.S. one in China and one in Japan. These four patents further broaden our patent portfolio in the field of time-resolved flow cytometry.

For reference, our patents fit into the following families of intellectual property:

  1. Time-resolved technologies, including the Arno (compensation-free flow cytometry), Danube (direct fluorescence lifetime measurements) instruments, Colorado (automated autofluorescence removal), and Tiber (label-free cancer cell detection).
  2. Extremely high-throughput flow cytometry (Loire).
  3. Label-free flow cytometry (Yangtze).
  4. Modular, customizable systems (Potomac and Delaware).

With the addition of these patents, Kinetic River’s Founder and President, Dr. Giacomo Vacca now holds 69 patents (with more on the way).

See his full list of patents in his bio.

Employee Spotlight

Kinetic River Welcomes Bonnie Sun

Kinetic River welcomes our new Office Administrator, Bonnie Sun. Bonnie has a long history in office administration and operations, having worked for over twenty years in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley for several institutions including Stanford University and the aerospace consulting firm CONTEX Engineering International, Inc.

Bonnie brings to Kinetic River extensive experience in a broad array of skills including coordination and logistics, accounting and reporting support, and all aspects of office administration.

Bonnie received her BS from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Welcome, Bonnie!


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