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Kinetic River To Present Poster At CYTO On Automated Removal Of Cellular Autofluorescence

Kinetic River to Present Poster at CYTO on Automated Removal of Cellular Autofluorescence

Kinetic River will be presenting a poster at CYTO 2023 in Montréal this week on automated autofluorescence removal from flow cytometry assays. Poster #175 is entitled “Progress Towards Real-Time Automated Autofluorescence Removal in a 16-Color Flow Cytometer.”

We will show results from our Colorado analyzer. The Colorado uses Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry (TRFC) to achieve this feat.

Free yourself from autofluorescence with the Colorado.

Read more about TRFC, Kinetic River’s proprietary technology behind the Freedom Flow™ line of instruments under development and see how it can help improve your flow cytometry assays.

Download our Freedom Flow brochure →

Download the Colorado poster →

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