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Kinetic River Looks Back On Its Accomplishments In 2021

Kinetic River Looks Back on its Accomplishments in 2021

2021 was quite a year for Kinetic River, and we are eager to make 2022 another memorable one. From being issued four new patents to delivering multiple presentations, our team has stayed productive and laser-focused on the horizon.

A handful of events from last year that we are particularly proud of:

Learn more about each of our patents issued in 2021:

Our patents fall under these families of intellectual property:

  • Technologies using fluorescence lifetime, including the Arno (compensation-free flow cytometry), Danube (direct fluorescence lifetime measurements) instruments, Colorado (automated autofluorescence removal), and Tiber (label-free cancer cell detection).
  • Extremely high-throughput flow cytometry (Loire).
  • Label-free flow cytometry (Yangtze).
  • Modular, customizable systems (Potomac).

We look forward to continuing to share our journey with you. If you would like to stay in the loop on LinkedIn, simply follow our page →


Pictured above: Dr. Giacomo Vacca, Rich Hanson, Alan Chin, Ellie Gorina, Sean Murphy, and Dr. Bill Telford

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