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Kinetic River Founder & President Publishes Opinion Piece In Laser Focus World

Kinetic River Founder & President Publishes Opinion Piece in Laser Focus World

We are pleased to share a new opinion piece with you. The Laser Focus World article, “The Opposite of Theranos,” was written by our Founder and President, Giacomo Vacca.

In the article, Dr. Vacca puts forth his view of Theranos—and how the fallout is impacting the field of blood diagnostics. Though people have voiced concern over investors shying away from diagnostic devices, he articulates how the verdict of the Theranos trial should not impact ambitious entrepreneurs and their visions for innovation.

Dr. Vacca also explains how the vast majority of entrepreneurs are, in fact, the opposite of Theranos:

“There is nothing inherently wrong with aiming to radically reinvent an entire industry. Many entrepreneurs are trying to do just that, and some are succeeding. However, they are not, overwhelmingly, ‘the next Theranos.’ They—we—are not pretending to run a test on their machine while secretly running it on another. They tend to welcome independent testing of their innovations, because they understand that the more people see for themselves that they’ve made a breakthrough, the better.”

Read the article in Laser Focus World

Additionally, you can download the PDF of the piece on our website.

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