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Meet Our All-New Flowcell Monitoring Module, The Cavour

Meet Our All-New Flowcell Monitoring Module, the Cavour

We’re thrilled that one of our latest innovations is now ready to put into your hands. Meet the Cavour, our all-new Flowcell Monitoring Module.

The Cavour allows you to monitor your system remotely without removing the cover.

  • Simplify troubleshooting of common fluidics issues
  • Verify laser status, monitor flow stability, align laser and sample stream, and set core stream dimensions
  • Avoid unnecessary service calls and reduce system downtime

The Cavour architecture is compatible with most commercial flow cytometry systems, with a version for the BD FACSCalibur™ already released and several more in development.

Take control of your flow cytometer’s performance, and let your system reach its full potential.

See the Cavour‘s specifications and learn more →

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