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Spotlight On Our Office Administrator Extraordinaire Ellie Gorina

Spotlight on Our Office Administrator Extraordinaire Ellie Gorina

Meet Ellie Gorina, our Office Administrator extraordinaire. Ellie has significantly improved our overall flow (pun intended) through her critical thinking, anticipation of challenges, and attention to detail. She brings three decades of administrative experience to our team.

Originally from Ukraine, Ellie holds a degree in Journalism from the Ukrainian Academy of Publishing and moved to the US in 1991.

With Ellie’s expertise, Kinetic River runs like a well-oiled machine. She addresses not just the needs of the company, but those of our customers and employees as well. Just a few examples of where Ellie’s efforts have a huge impact:

  • Administrative management of our grants
  • Keeping our newsletter distribution list current
  • Managing ordering and receiving

Thank you, Ellie, for providing your day-to-day support and for keeping things running smoothly!

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