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Kshitija Shevgaonkar Promoted

Kshitija Shevgaonkar Promoted

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Kshitija Shevgaonkar, who goes by KP. We have promoted her to Lead Biomedical Scientist. She was our second employee (after Founder and President Giacomo Vacca).

In this role, KP is involved in all biological experimentation and validation of our instruments. Additionally, KP’s skills in biomedical data analysis are invaluable in evaluating the vast amounts of data acquired by our instruments. As well, her strong knowledge of signal processing enable her to process the complex time-resolved data generated by our fluorescence lifetime instruments, including the Danube.

KP has been a major asset to our team for the last few years and we know she will excel in this new role.

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