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Kinetic River Presents 7 Posters At This Year’s CYTO Conference

Kinetic River Presents 7 Posters at This Year’s CYTO Conference

We enjoyed engaging with fellow industry professionals at CYTO Virtual Interactive 2021. Thank you to the other attendees and presenters at the conference, as well as ISAC for hosting the three-day event.

Here is a brief summary of each poster we presented:

“Applications of Time-Resolved Flow Cytometry”
We have developed methods for making time-resolved measurements in flow cytometry. Established as a method of taking static measurements in Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), lifetime measurements are now possible in the high-throughput context of flow cytometry—which enables new, exciting applications.
Download the poster

“Compensation-Free Flow Cytometry”
If compensation in your flow cytometry experiments is a drag, you will be interested in our Arno analyzer. We are developing an instrument that is capable of 12-color, compensation-free operation.
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“Automated Elimination of Autofluorescence Interference in Flow Cytometry”
Discover how Kinetic River handles cellular autofluorescence in flow cytometry experiments. Our Colorado cytometer provides a simple, automated way to remove unwanted autofluorescence signal. No need to change your workflow or add any superfluous steps to your protocol.
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“Triple-UV/Violet Excitation Analyzer for Label-Free Flow Cytometry”
Do you have unusual flow cytometry instrumentation needs? Then you may find that our modular Potomac instrument solves your current challenges. We share our results from a custom Potomac, which was built for a rare 266-nm deep UV laser.
Get to know the Potomac
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“Label-Free Flow Cytometric Measurements of Cellular Metabolic Factors for Detection of Cancer Cells”
Curious about applications of time-resolved flow cytometry for cancer research? Kinetic River can demonstrate how our Tiber instrument is able to facilitate simple, label-free cancer cell discrimination.
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“A Highly Customizable Fluidics Control Module for Flow Cytometry”
Whether you desire an ultrastable flow for your existing instrument, or you face uncommon fluidics needs in your experiments, we have a solution to propose: The Shasta, our completely customizable fluidics module.
Explore the Shasta
Download the poster

“An Always-On Remote Flowcell Monitoring Module”
Ever wonder what exactly is happening inside your flowcell? Then you may be interested in our flowcell monitoring module, the Cavour. Without removing the cover, you can monitor your system remotely. With this capability, you can fix more problems yourself and sidestep extra service calls.
Learn more about the Cavour
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Does one of these topics or solutions catch your interest?
Reach out to our team to discuss how we can improve your flow cytometry workflow →

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