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Dr. Giacomo Vacca Gives Invited Talk At The Istituto Mario Negri In Milan

Dr. Giacomo Vacca Gives Invited Talk at the Istituto Mario Negri in Milan

Recently, Kinetic River Founder and President Dr. Giacomo Vacca presented a talk at the Istituto Mario Negri in Milan, Italy.

Originally from Italy, Dr. Vacca moved to the United States, where he pursued his passion for physics, earning degrees from Harvard and Stanford. Learn more about his background in this interview on the Immigrant Entrepreneur podcast.

His presentation at the institute, “Nanoparticle Flow Cytometry,” covered some of the challenges in the field and proposed strategies to overcome them.

Many thanks to Paolo Ubezio and Nicolò Panini for the invitation to speak there.

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Watch Dr. Vacca’s presentation (in Italian) on YouTube →

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