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Kinetic River Corp. Launches Danube Fluorescence Lifetime Flow Cytometer

Time-resolved flow cytometry enables cell biologists to study proteins and cellular microenvironment

San Francisco, Calif., USA, February 3, 2013 – Kinetic River Corp., a leader in flow cytometry instrumentation design and product development, officially launched the Danube today at Photonics West’s BiOS Expo in San Francisco, Calif.

Under development since early 2012, the Danube goes beyond a traditional flow cytometer’s capability by providing direct time-domain fluorescence lifetime information on a cell-by-cell basis. Fluorescence lifetime is a property of fluorescent dyes that allows sensitive measurements not otherwise possible. Long available on specialized microscopes, time-domain fluorescence lifetime measurements have not been commercially available for flow cytometry—until now.

Some of the cell-analysis applications made possible or enhanced by fluorescence lifetime measurements include: protein-protein interactions; protein conformation; subcellular transport; local subcellular microenvironment; metabolic profiling; and the diverse subfield of FRET (Förster Resonance Energy Transfer) analysis.

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