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Kinetic River Founder & President Speaks At 2021 BioPhotonics Conference

Kinetic River Founder & President Speaks at 2021 BioPhotonics Conference

Several weeks ago, our Founder and President spoke about flow cytometry to BioPhotonics Conference attendees. Bringing together people from across the globe through their virtual format, Photonics Media assembled a compelling lineup of presenters, including Dr. Giacomo Vacca. Thank you to Photonics Media for hosting and coordinating the many facets of this successful industry event.

During his talk entitled “Flow Cytometry: Come a Long Way, Much Left to Do,” Dr. Vacca covered the past, present, and future of flow cytometry, both identifying opportunities for innovation and lauding the field’s progress.

A video recording of this talk is available on YouTube and, if you register for an account, via the Photonics Media website.

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