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December 2015 Newsletter

Kinetic River Launches New Potomac Modular Flow Cytometer Kinetic River continues to share design solutions with a growing number of biomedical researchers and OEM developers. As part of this expansion, we introduced our new Potomac modular flow cytometer, a system that can…

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CYTO 2015 Newsletter

It's Been a "Hot" Winter and Spring Season Here in California, the continuing historic drought has everyone ripping up lawns and covering up pools. What we're referring to, however, is the very intense activity we've seen at Kinetic River in…

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End-of-Summer 2014 Newsletter

Kinetic River Expands Operations and Advisory Board Kinetic River has carried the momentum forward following our New Instruments Session and reception that has grown by 200% over the previous year at CYTO 2014. We are building on the progress we shared with you…

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