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Latest Team Members

Latest Team Members

Kinetic River Welcomes our Latest Team Members

Kinetic River has been growing our team lately, with the addition of Jinman Huang, Ph.D, Elijah Kashi, M.S., Alan Chin, Ph.D., and Timothy Gray, M.S.

Jinman (left) provides extensive industry R&D experience in material science, thin films, and synthetic chemistry to aid in Kinetic River’s reagent development and material characterization endeavors.

Eli (center) is in charge of our optical and mechanical design, machining, prototyping, and manufacturing assembly.

Alan (right) is responsible for design, prototyping, and system engineering on our Arno program (compensation-free flow cytometer).

Tim (not pictured) brings his extensive experience in laser and optics engineering in the flow cytometry industry and spearheads our design documentation, labeling and regulatory compliance, and supply chain management efforts.

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