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Employee Spotlight On Rich Hanson, R&D Technician At Kinetic River

Employee Spotlight on Rich Hanson, R&D Technician at Kinetic River

Today, we would like to introduce you to R&D Technician Rich Hanson. Rich has brought to Kinetic River his experience in the design, test, and repair of flow cytometers throughout North America and Europe. In his short time here, he has already made enormous contributions to our various instrument development programs!

Throughout his career, Rich has participated in a range of interesting and innovative projects, including:

  • Design and testing of Wi-Fi and communication products for a major telecommunications company
  • Bringing enhanced game consoles to market
  • 4K monitor systems for use in medical operating rooms
  • Implementing real-time in-game player performance tracking for the NFL

We are pleased to have Rich applying his skills to our R&D efforts.

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