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Kinetic River Discusses Latest Innovations In Webinar

Kinetic River Discusses Latest Innovations in Webinar

Kinetic River founder and President Giacomo Vacca presented a webinar entitled “Latest Innovations in Flow Cytometry from Kinetic River”. The webinar was free and open to the public. Dr. Vacca discussed recent innovations being developed by Kinetic River.

These include:

  • Potomac, our modular, fully customizable flow cytometry instrument
  • Danube, which provides direct time-domain fluorescence lifetime measurements on a cell-by-cell basis,
  • Arno 1.0, which enables compensation-free 12-color flow cytometry
  • Arno 2.0, a high multiplexing cytometry analyzer for immunophenotyping and other high parameter applications
  • Tiber, a system for label-free cancer diagnostics
  • Panama, our brand-new software suite for flow cytometry instrument control and data acquisition

Watch the presentation here.

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