CYTO 2017, Boston
CYTO 2016, Seattle
The ISAC President's Reception at the opening of the conference was held in Seattle's iconic Space Needle. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverThis year's CYTO saw the launch of the Beam Genie, a dynamic beam stabilization device that automatically keeps a laser on target. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverNext to the base of the Space Needle is this astounding glass sculpture by world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverThe Potomac modular flow cytometer showed the power of custom configuration for flow cytometry. (c) 2016 Kinetic River
Dr. Vacca also presented a paper on multiplexing during the poster session. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverA treat from being in Washington State: fresh cherries right from the tree! (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverThe Beam Genie live demo was a draw for many attendees. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverThe Seattle skyline at night from the observation deck of the Space Needle. (c) 2016 Kinetic River
Photonics West 2016, San Francisco
Kinetic River exhibited at the Photonics West trade show in San Francisco. Fiona Evans of Excelitas shows the Potomac flow cytometer demo. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverThe Potomac flow cytometer demonstrated the power of modular architectures. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverCalibration beads measured on the Potomac flow cytometer. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverDr. Vacca gave demonstrations of the Potomac flow cytometer. (c) 2016 Fiona Evans
The Potomac flow cytometer showcased Kinetic River's design capabilities. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverThe booth demonstration was supported by many people, incuding Ada Nowensky of Excelitas. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverFiber-coupled laser sources and a modular design are highlights of the Potomac flow cytometer. (c) 2016 Kinetic RiverFiona Evans demonstrated integration of Qioptiq lasers in the Potomac flow cytometer. (c) 2016 Kinetic River
CYTO 2015, Glasgow
CLEO 2015 Tech Transfer, San Jose
Dr. Milton Chang, Managing Director of Incubic, LLC, and founder of both Newport Corp. and New Focus, was the keynote speaker. (c) 2015 OSADr. Brent Whitlock, cofounder of RSoft and Patent Attorney at Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP, gave a tutorial on intellectual property. (c) 2015 OSADr. Roger Werne, Deputy Director of the Industrial Partnering Office, LLNL, presented a tutorial on technology licensing. (c) 2015 OSAThe main speakers entertained several questions from an engaged audience. (c) 2015 OSA
Dr. Giacomo Vacca, President of Kinetic River Corp., introduced the speakers and moderated the pitch panel session. (c) 2015 OSASean Murphy, Vice President of Business Development at BeamWise, Inc., gave a pitch presentation on the BeamWise optomechanical modeling tools. (c) 2015 OSAThe panel assembled to give feedback to the pitch presenters consisted of Dr. Milton Chang, Managing Director of Incubic; Dr. Jason Eichenholtz, CEO of Open Photonics; and Dr. Rick Plympton, CEO of Optimax Systems. (c) 2015 OSAOther pitch presenters were Dr. Tobias Kippenberg, Professor, EPFL; Dr. Michelle Stock, Director of Bus. Dev., Norlase; Dr. Pramode Verma, Professor and Director, Telecom. Eng., University of Oklahoma-Tulsa; and Dr. Pu Wang, CTO, Vibronix. (c) 2015 OSA
Photonics West 2015, San Francisco
Hyland Optical October 2014 Lunch & Learn, Scotts Valley
There was a great turnout for the event, which included a complimentary lunch.The seminar was held at Hyland Optical's MarketTech facility in Scotts Valley, CA. Here Dr. Herschel Watkins, of Stanford University, chats with Dr. Tom Babcock of MarketTech.Dr. Serguei Koulikov, of LI-COR Biosciences, and Dr. Vincent Tang, of Vitron, listen in to a conversation over lunch.Sean Murphy, Kinetic River's Director of Business Development, discusses technology with attendees.
Phil Crowley, CEO of Hyland Optical Technologies and sponsor of the event, welcomes attendees and introduces the speaker.Dr. Giacomo Vacca gave a talk about the gap between the optical and mechanical design worlds.Bonus for those traveling to Scotts Valley: the Pacific Coast is just minutes away.Extra Credit if you're lucky! A pod of dolphins swam by the shore, unfazed by surfers nearby.
CLEO 2014 Tech Transfer, San Jose
Dr. Vacca introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Anis Rahman, Founder and CTO of Applied Research & Photonics. (c) 2014 OSAThe Technology Transfer Program, held on June 12, 2014, was very well attended. (c) 2014 OSADr. Keith Williams, of the US Naval Research Laboratory, spoke about tech transfer from the perspective of a government laboratory. (c) 2014 OSADr. Vacca moderated the tech transfer session, which also featured Dr. Enidia Santiago-Arce, of NASA. (c) 2014 OSA
Dr. Chris Wood, CTO of KMLabs, spoke about the importance of SBIRs to startups. (c) 2014 OSAThe technology transfer program included a technology pitch session, which piqued the interest of the audience. (c) 2014 OSADr. Ajay Jain, cofounder and CTO of VerLase Technologies, spoke about his company's novel laser architectures. (c) 2014 OSAThe technology pitch panel also featured Dr. Rosa Romero, CEO of Sphere Ultrafast Photonics; Prof. Qiaoqiang Gan, of SUNY Buffalo; and Lenore McMakin, CTO of InView Technology. (c) 2014 OSA
CYTO 2014, Ft. Lauderdale
Florida sunset from the top of the Hyatt at the President's ReceptionDiscussions posterside: (L-R) Jessica Houston, Alan Waggoner, Patrick JenkinsKinetic River's reception at Gilbert's 17th St. Grill drew a large and diverse crowdKinetic River's traditional annual fluorescence lifetime meetup was a mixer for various research communities
East meets West: Debrecen University, Univ. of New Mexico, and New Mexico State Univ. students get to know each other at Kinetic River's fluorescence lifetime meetupThe invitation-only fluorescence lifetime meetup took over the whole house at Gilbert's 17th St. GrillThe New Instruments session on Tuesday morning, co-chaired by Dr. Vacca, had people lining up the wallsAt this year's CYTO trade show we introduced the Danube II
CYTO 2014 Fluorescence Lifetime Workshop
Patrick Jenkins, NMSU and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, spoke about sorting cells using fluorescence lifetime in FRETMiho Suzuki, Saitama University, presented her work on using FRET bioprobes in fluorescence lifetime flow cytometryJanos Szollosi, Debrecen University, showed the combined use of FLIM-FRET and TIRFJanos Szollosi takes a question from session co-chair Silas Leavesley, of Univ. of South Alabama
Ralph Jimenez, JILA/NIST and U. Colorado Boulder, spoke about lifetime characterization of new fluorescent proteinsAfter the panel discussion, several attendees lingered to catch up with the speakersSession co-chairs Silas Leavesly (L), University of South Alabama Mobile, and Jessica Houston (R), New Mexico State University Las Cruces, chat with workshop participantsThe workshop was an opportunity for fluorescence lifetime researchers in both flow cytometry and microscopy to come together and share experiences
BiOS - Photonics West 2014, San Francisco
The Kinetic River booth at BiOS ExpoThe BeamWise partnership: Dr. Vacca of Kinetic River, Sean Murphy of SKMurphy, and Tapio Karras of Design Parametrics (Hannu Lehtimäki, of Plan Energy, not shown)Dr. Vacca delivering a BeamWise product demo at the BiOS ExpoTraffic was heavy at the Kinetic River booth, with strong interest for the BeamWise software
Dr. Vacca was invited to give a talk on optical system design as part of the OPTO conference programDr. Vacca's OPTO talk drew a standing-room-only crowd
CYTO 2013, San Diego
A packed house for NMSU graduate student Wenyan Li's fluorescence lifetime paperNMSU graduate student Wenyan Li (left) presenting his fluorescence lifetime paperWorkshop co-chair, UNM Prof. Steve Graves (front), at Trends in Cytometry InstrumentationWorkshop co-chair, Dr. Giacomo Vacca, taking questions at Trends in Cytometry Instrumentation
Audience at the Trends in Cytometry Instrumentation workshopProf. Jessica Houston's NMSU group, colleagues and friends at Kinetic River-sponsored fluorescence lifetime meet-up

CYTO 2013, San Diego - Poster Sessions
NMSU graduate student Frederick Crawford (left) at his fluorescence lifetime posterNMSU graduate student Ruofan Cao (middle) at his fluorescence lifetime posterNMSU graduate student Ruofan Cao (right) at his fluorescence lifetime posterThe sun sets over San Diego Harbor