Welcome to Kinetic River, a Silicon-Valley based design and 
product development firm specializing in life science and biomedical 
applications. We work in biophotonics, and our strength is in flow cytometry.

Proof of Concept

Every great product begins with an idea. But even great ideas need to be translated into the real world. We offer a range of analytical and technical applied research services to help you do that.

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Engineering & Prototyping

After the proverbial sketch on a napkin has turned into the first live demo, the time is ripe for the next stage of product evolution. Kinetic River provides the deep-in-the-trenches engineering experience necessary to deliver a robust feasibility prototype.

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Product Design & Development

Once the basic system architecture is chosen, final design can take place. This phase of development takes the product from prototype stage to manufacturability. We focus on optics, fluidics, and overall system design, and bring in additional skills where needed from an extensive network of development partners.

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IP Consulting

Many companies tackle patents as an afterthought. We believe that a sound intellectual property strategy is needed from the get-go. Kinetic River offers a range of technical IP analysis services that go well beyond prior-art search reports.

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Life science research
  • cell biology
  • flow cytometry
  • image cytometry
Biomedical research
  • oncology
  • immunology
  • genomic sequencing
Clinical diagnostics
  • hematology
  • clinical flow cytometry
  • immunoassays
  • infectious diseases