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Fluorescence Lifetime Flow Cytometer

The Danube cell analyzer provides direct time-domain fluorescence lifetime measurements on a cell-by-cell basis, with multi-exponential decay information, at subnanosecond resolution and at high throughput.


Modular Flow Cytometer

The Potomac is a fully customizable flow cytometer, built on an open architecture for maximum configuration and upgrading flexibility. It can support from 1 to 7 lasers and from 4 to 20 detectors.

Beam Genie

Laser Beam Stabilizer

The Beam Genie is a compact, retrofittable solution that actively compensates for beam misalignment due to thermal shifts in laser pointing, maintaining proper aiming of a laser beam to its intended target.


Flowcell Monitoring Module

The Cavour is a remote flowcell monitoring device that simplifies adjustments to the core stream and troubleshooting of fluidics issues. The Cavour can be retrofitted to virtually any flow cytometer.


Fluidics Control Module

The Shasta is a flexible, highly customizable fluidics control module that provides highly stable core and sheath flow across a very broad range of flow rates.


Quad Amplifier Module

The Tuolumne is a quad amplifier module that offers low noise amplification of output from PMTs or SiPMs in a compact, plug-and-play standalone unit.

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