Proof of Concept

Every great product begins with an idea. But even great ideas need to be translated into the real world. We offer applied research services to help you do that.  

Figure 1:  Our award-winning approach to applied research
can bring new insights to your projects.

A few of the tools we bring to the table are:

  • analytical studies of the problem space
  • review and analysis of existing literature
  • solution brainstorming
  • experiment design
  • breadboarding
  • proof-of-concept benchtop experiments

Kinetic River can assist you in exploring a research area, vetting a technical approach, or demonstrating a concept, by adding a focused effort dovetailed to complement your resources.

Our main areas of technical expertise are optics and microfluidics, where we bring decades of both analytical investigation and hands-on experimental practice.

Our publications, conference presentations, and patents issued and pending in these areas provide a sampling of our technical know-how and capabilities.

The Founder’s innovative work was additionally recognized at Abbott Laboratories with a Platinum Award for Top Research.