Intellectual Property Consulting

Figure 1. We analyze in detail patent drawings, claims, and
specifications for IP-focused projects.

Many companies tackle patents as an afterthought. We believe that a sound intellectual property (IP) strategy is needed from the get-go in order to develop, and maintain, a strong competitive advantage. We leverage our 15-year experience in IP generation and management to deliver services like:

  • technical patentability (prior-art) search
  • technical Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) search
  • competitive landscape mapping and analysis

A case study illustrating these can be found here.

Whether you have a hot new technology and want to get the most mileage out of it, or you want to enter a new market and need to assess strategically the competitive environment, we advance your ideas by guiding you through some of the pitfalls and helping you build a strong IP portfolio.

Example: Competitive Analysis

When you come up with a new concept, it’s vital to know how to position it. Is there prior art that you need to be aware of? Are there gaps in the prior art that provide an opportunity?

We use a proven analytical process to break down the problem, evaluate strategically your IP as well as prior art, map the competitive landscape, and present the results in a way that promotes insights. The outcome is a more efficient use of your resources: avoiding wasteful dead-ends, reducing blind spots, and focusing your efforts where they can yield the highest returns.

Figure 2. Detailed analysis of competitors in a product space
and of their relationships can yield important strategic insights.