BeamWise® Optical System Design

BeamWise is a set of software tools and related services for the design of biophotonic and other complex optical systems. Here are some examples where BeamWise drastically speeds up design and development:

  • design review of a system or subsystem
  • 3D CAD simulation as a sanity check
  • building a model for a prototype from your benchtop proof of concept
  • full instrument design and optomechanical modeling

BeamWise streamlines the design process 
of complex biophotonic systems. 

We offer BeamWise as a service in conjunction with our partner, BeamWise, Inc., which makes for an easy, risk-free evaluation of its capabilities.

We start by working together on your optical system design to define input data for BeamWise, using:

  • optical simulation results
  • functional flow diagram
  • optomechanical component data

Next, we run BeamWise on your input data to automatically generate:

  • 3D CAD model in your favorite CAD format
  • fully annotated and dimensioned 2D drawings
  • parts list (bill of materials) for implementation

Finally, we review BeamWise produced results together. Any changes are fed back to BeamWise to update the results instantly.

See this video on the BeamWise site to get a better sense of how BeamWise works.